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3D dental correction foils

3D dental correction foils represent an extremely comfortable, almost painless approach to teeth correction. Initially meant for correction of relapses originating from not wearing the retention foils, today, with far wider therapeutic indications, they represent the favorite way of teeth correction in working population. These foils are made of durable, see-through plastic that has no negative effects, and is shaped so it adheres perfectly to each tooth arch of every patient. 

Each 3D foil changes the position of teeth, moving them slowly, vertically and horizontally, even allowing for a slight tooth rotation if necessary. 

For optimal results, they should be worn around 20 hours a day. They should be taken off only at meal time or when brushing teeth. 

There are many advantages of 3D foil treatment: 

  • Patients get used to them quickly
  • They are see-through, almost invisible
  • Can be independently manipulated, no need to visit an orthodontist
  • Easy to maintain
  • Do not cause difficulties when speaking
  • No brackets or archwires that sometimes irritate gums and cheeks
  • Shorter duration of the treatment
  • There is a computer representation of the course of the therapy as well as its results 

Prime esthetics, comfort, simplicity and efficiency are the main features of this modern orthodontic treatment.