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Fixed orthodontic appliances

Fixed orthodontic appliances are used in adult patients, patients with permanent dentition. They consist of tubes applied on first permanent molars, locks attached to each teeth using a special adhesive and archwires put through the middle slot of the bracket. Archwires can be held by rubber or wire ligatures, in which case we are talking about conventional or ‘classic’ brackets.

A lot better, more modern and definitely more comfortable option are self-ligating brackets. There are no wires that irritate mucous or rubber ligatures that retain food deposits making it difficult to maintain oral hygiene. Instead, there is an archwire in the slot that supports ‘doors’ that open and close. 

Thanks to its mechanical features, these brackets reduce the number of visits needed, as well as the total time of therapy. Besides this basic division on classic and self-ligating brackets, there are further divisions on metal and esthetic brackets as well as lingual ones, which are attached to the inner, ‘lingual’ surface of the tooth which makes them virtually invisible.

Only the best techniques and materials from companies such as Ormco (Damon 3MX, Damon Q, Damon Clear), Forestadent (QuikClear) i Dentaurum (Discovery Smart) are used in our dental practice. Based on your needs and wishes, we will find the best solution to your orthodontic problem.