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Once fixed orthodontic therapy is completed, it is followed by a retention phase, passive phase of the therapy, which is equally important as wearing the braces itself (active phase of the therapy). Patients receive retention devices, either fixed or mobile, with the aim of keeping teeth and jaws in new, corrected position. Mobile retainers are see-through foils for upper and bottom jaws that need to be worn non-stop for a month or two, taken out only when eating or drinking. After the first month or two, a less rigorous period of 10 months ensues. This period should not last shorter than the duration of the initial orthodontic therapy. 

Fixed retainer is connecting bottom (3-3) or rarely upper (2-2) front teeth which disables them from moving once mobile retainer is taken out. The best combination is to include both, fixed and mobile retainer, as teeth are a living tissue and they move the entire life, especially first 10 to 12 months after braces have been taken off. That’s how long it takes for bone tissue around teeth to mineralize and for teeth to get used to a new source of forces that can move them – lips, cheeks, tongue. If a retainer is not worn after the braces have been taken off, we cannot guarantee that achieved results will be permanent. You are the ones taking care of your teeth and results of the therapy once braces are taken off depend on you – not following our advice on retention is likely to cause a relapse!